Sunday, September 18, 2005

Captain's Log supplemental

Walked the 40 blocks to Bye-Bye-Baby this morning and purchased a crib. It is pretty cool, and you can buy rails for it to turn it into a twin bed eventually (I guess almost all cribs do that now). It was not too expensive, and seemed to be of better quality than the one we originally registered for on Babies-R-Us.

We did make a stroller decision finally. We are going to get a $50 snap-n-go stroller that is essentially a frame for a car seat. So we can just snap the car seat in and out and then we have a stroller...presto-changeo! That give us 3-6 months to figure out if the bugaboo gecko stroller is what we want (expensive but cool!) or the Maclaren XT (less expensive and folds up smaller!).

We also dropped a pretty penny on rugs for the apartment. We are obligated by our lease to have 80% of the floors covered and we have not quite been there for the past 4 years. But now we are going to catch up. And we figured the jute rug in the living room would not do once the baby comes. ("Excuse me sir, why does your child have rope burn on her face?") So we just ordered several from Pottery Barn. Hopefully they will still look great covered in cat hair and baby puke.

Oh, and that big work project I thought I was done with yesterday just won't die. Had to make more changes today and I think they want a few more before I will be done. Ugh.

Oh, and here is a picture of Cheryl looking pregnant, along with my uncle Harry and his wife Melinda from July when my Mom held Thanksgiving at her place in Virginia...but Thanksgiving in July. Not a bad idea since traffic and the holidays and all make it tough to get everyone together for Thanksgiving. And the weather was certainly better in July than November! We could not have gone tubing in the river in November, that is for sure! It was at this event that most of my family found out Cheryl was pregnant. After a couple of false starts, we were hesitant to tell people until we were into the second trimester. Once people started coming up to Cheryl at work and asking if she was pregnant, we decided that it was probably time to let people know.

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