Saturday, September 17, 2005

Stardate 59711.52 - Keep Killing Me

Work has been most unpleasant these past couple of days. Working on a big proposal, and trying to collect text from the subject matter experts to explain what types of people it will take to do the work and how many of them over what period of time and all has taken a lot longer than I (or my boss) anticipated. But the data is due at 8PM tonight so after that I may be free for a bit. Maybe I can even take a day off next week to make up for the extra hours I've been putting in on this thing. It's even given me a headache this afternoon, as I try to gather the last set of comments before I submit it. Regardless, it kind of killed the day today because we did not get an early start because I was working on this stuff from 6 AM until after 9 AM. By the time I hit the gym and we showered and everything, and then went to the Farmer's Market across the street for fruit...well Cheryl and I were both not in a mood to go down to Buy-Buy-Baby to purchase a crib. So we put that off until tomorrow. I was also supposed to go down to the West Village to watch the VA Tech game with the NYC Alumni Chapter, but I just lost all motivation.

And the weather has been nasty. Cheryl and I have been running the A/C for the past 3 days due to the 90%+ humidity and temperatures in the 80s. Brutal for mid-September. I have a cool blazer and some nice long-sleeved shirts to wear...if it ever gets cool! This weather just sucks.

I did order some books from Amazon, and Cheryl has one we purchased for vacation that she said is pretty funny so I may start reading that. Cheryl is taking a nap now (less than 2 months til the due date!), and I have some light classical playing in the background. So far, not doing much for my headache.

I keep trying to include pictures with my posts, so here is one from vacation that I like. We actually stayed in the white house on the right, the Heceta Head B&B. I already talked about the experience (which was way cool) earlier in my blog, so I won't bore you with that now.

Maybe I'll go try to do some reading. I should sort the mail, or clean the kitchen, or straighten up around the apartment...but I am just completely unmotivated today. Up too early and too stressed out over work these past few days, I suppose.

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