Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stardate 59722.67 - Gearing up for the Shower

Am I talking about the hurricane? No, of course not. I'm speaking of the Baby Shower this Saturday at Cheryl's parent's place in Jersey. I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of our friends whom we have not seen in a while, and I'm looking forward to getting the car out of the garage and letting it get a little work out. Poor thing is always stuck in the garage. It is going to be covered in filth as the Roosevelt Island parking garage were we keep it ($160/month vs. $500/month in our building) is "open air" so it gets quite grimy if it sits for a while, and I think it has been over a month since we used it last.

And tomorrow night will be Denise's triumphant return to D&D after a long absence (she is in the middle, her husband Greg is on the left, and Cheryl is on the right...this is in Central Park one winter during a heavy snow). We needed another player with everyone's travel/work/life schedule making it difficult to have 4 players on any one night, so Denise will be joining us again. I think it has been more than 4 years since she played with us last.

I keep finding these great blogs as they are waning. Wil Wheaton's blog was fantastic for the first several months I was reading it, then he really got into poker and everything was poker, poker, poker. He finally moved all his poker stuff onto another blog, but the number of postings to his main blog fell off significantly. And Jessica Stover just posted on her blog that she is going to slow down her response rate to e-mails as well as her number of postings. It makes me a little aggravated to find first-rate blogs right as they are completing their runs. I really only read a couple of non-relative/non-friend blogs, and when they change significantly it bugs me. But it isn't like Wil or Jessica owe me anything, so I cannot complain too much. We'll see how things go...maybe I'll have to find another cool blog to succeed theirs if the quantity of material falls off precipitously.

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