Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stardate 61507.89 - Props to Jet Blue

Regular readers know that I pimp for Jessica Stover a bit, because I like her writing and I believe in what she is producing and her content is better than a lot of what passes for entertainment these days. As you may recall, she is in the middle of producing a movie, Artemis Eternal, and has been soliciting donations big and small to help fund the film.

Jet Blue just decided to sponsor the airfare for the film.

I've flown Jet Blue once, out to the West Coast. I enjoyed the television system they have, and it certainly made the trip faster and more enjoyable. Because I have had a good experience with them, and because they are now sponsoring the airfare for Artemis Eternal, I'm giving them a plug here.

So for all those who have been doubters in the past - know now that this is not some hobby-film Jess is putting together. This is the real deal. To those friends who have donated to the cause, thank you. For those who haven't, what are you waiting for?

It is going to be big.



JamesF said...

I flew Jet Blue on my way back from CA a couple weeks ago. The only problem with them was they had no direct flight from San Antonio to DC, which meant a flight to Long Beach followed by a two a half hour layover and then the flight home. Not ideal, but it was about $1000 cheaper than the direct flights other carriers were offering.

And the idea of having 37 channel of DirectTV seems like a good idea on paper, but when you're flying midday it blows chunks because (IMO) there's nothing good on in the middle of the day.

Kim said...

We have flown Jet Blue a few times and have had great experiences. We got delayed in Florida and the pilot even came out to apologize to us. He gave everyone free snacks and drinks while we waited. It isn't much, but how often do you have a pilot apologize for being delayed. :-)