Friday, July 27, 2007

Stardate 61569.37 - Dayton on a Fri in July

On a rainy Friday in July there is not too much to do in Dayton, Ohio.

We ate breakfast with Cheryl's parents in the hotel and then explored the hotel, eventually ending up at the pool where "no fear" Loren just walked over to the steps leading into the shallow end and stepped into the water. I was there to stop her and take off her shoes before she did it again.

Then we did a quick walking tour of the funky downtown stretch of bars and restaurants and erotica shops (the Oregon District). Loren (and Cheryl) then took a nap before her brother Andy and his wife Jen arrived. We were about to leave for lunch when we ran into Steve and Ethan (Rachel was up with Ellie who was napping). We all went for bar-b-q at a local place (I forget the name).

Finally we all went to the National Museum of the United States Air Force. An interesting place with lots of cool things, but not exactly built for small children. It was spread out across 3 huge hangers, and contained all kinds of planes and exhibits. Below is a picture of just one of the hangers.

There was also a small memorial park outside.

Ethan and Ellie were also very excited to be with all the planes.

Only a couple of the planes were interactive (i.e. you could get inside), and that is what Loren really wanted to do. She had a little mini-meltdown when I tried to explain that they were old and fragile and she couldn't go under the railing to run over to one to touch it or climb into it.

No collection of old fighter planes would be complete without a picture of the one below.

While not in blue, Loren was dressed in a camouflage skirt.

We then ate dinner at Don Pablo's and went back to the hotel for bath and PJs for Loren. And if you want to see how bad - I mean how truly, truly bad - Don Pablo's is for you check out this nutrition information on the food there.

Wedding is tomorrow!

Dayton, OH


Buddy Tignor said...

Cool post I love old planes...almost as much as old boats and bicycles.

Trailing Male said...

Well, at least our staple, Prairie Fire Bean Dip, isn't TOO bad. I didn't see Tortilla Soup on the list (another staple of our visits). If you think American TexMex is bad, you should try the tacos local in Monterrey: more grease than meat in some cases.