Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stardate 61545.2 - Circumnavigating

Today I had no meetings at work, and after a long week with travel down to VA last week, I decided to take a day off and reduce my vacation total (which is approaching the point of no longer accruing) and go for a sail. Since I am not skipper-qualified I needed a skipper and so I contacted Thomas and he was available so we met at the Manhattan Sailing Club at 0900 Wednesday morning.

In the pouring rain.

With thunder and lightning.

Did I mention I was taking a day off work for this?

We decided to try and wait it out, and by 1030 the rain had ended, and we set out under overcast skies to circumnavigate Governors Island.

You may remember that I've actually been on Governors Island before, and recommended the place as a cool day trip idea. After a close-haul down to the Statue of Liberty we threw in a series of tacks to get over to Buttermilk Channel. Passing by the Queen Mary II, we had to use the "Iron Genny" due to the wind shadow, but were soon running at a slow pace back across the Hudson. After 4 hours or so out on the water we returned to North Cove.

There is nothing like a nice sail under gray skies to relax you!


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