Friday, November 02, 2007

Stardate 61836.88 - Eragorn

I recorded Eragon off of HBO a few days ago and finished watching it Wednesday night. It was not so good. The editing was pretty shabby, and I even have an issue with the casting (which I hardly ever complain about). The two actors who were supposed to be cousins looked so much alike that I couldn't tell them apart. Luckily, that it only a problem for the first 15 minutes of the film. I thought that Jeremy Irons did a pretty good job, and Robert Carlyle did a nice job as the shade, but I really didn't like anyone else so much. Additionally, there were many times when a horse was somehow able to keep up with a Dragon, even when the Dragon was intentionally trying to get someplace very quickly. I watched it to the end because it is fantasy and I like fantasy, but I give it a thumbs-down.

The book was better (which isn't saying much as I also was not a huge fan of the book).

One thumb down (Cheryl didn't watch this one - no interest).



JamesF said...

I had similar issues with the film. At least you didn't have to pay to see in the theater. I will add that seeing it on the big screen in the theater adds absolutely nothing to the viewing experience (that is to say it's just as bad in the theater).

Trailing Male said...

I haven't seen it yet, but heard plenty of bad reviews. I'll see it eventually, mostly for the effects. I am a mild fan of the book, but have my issues with it. Mostly I was impressed by the story of the author. Jessica Stone was surprised I had actually read both books; she really didn't like it.