Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We've moved!

The cable was hooked up today so we are back on line. I won't go into detail about the move itself. Other than the moving company forgetting to send a packing crew on Monday -- which took a few stressful hours to resolve, but ultimately turned out not to be a huge problem -- the move went pretty smoothly. Curt stayed home with the packers while I went to work (no need for both of us to sit around being in the packers' way). Here is what I came home to:

Loren and Curt watched one last Dora on the old couch. The couch was supposed to be sold to a woman from work who never quite managed to get a truck to pick it up. Sometime we'll have to blog retrospectively about the joy of selling our furniture on Craigslist and the intranet bulletin board at my office. The good news is we got rid of almost everything we wanted to. One of the moving guys wound up taking the couch and armchair.

Tuesday morning I took Loren for bagels and then dropped her off at day care. Curt stayed with the movers at the old place while I did some last-minute vacuuming, swiffering and washing in the new place. The contractors got things mostly cleaned up but there was a layer of dust on everything -- they were working up until the last minute on Monday. I snapped a few shots while the place was still empty. Before you look, you may want to look at the "before" pictures or the "during" pictures.

Here is Loren's room (looking at her closet and across to the other side of our L-shaped building).

For those who wanted to see the paint job in the master bedroom. It's pretty boring. I don't have new bedding picked out so I wanted to keep the walls a very neutral cream (Benjamin Moore Cameo White). The only work done in this room was the floor. And I put new pulls on the closet doors.

I didn't take any good pictures of the living room, but here is the angled view out the living room window and you can see the paint job and the new radiator cover.

The bathroom with the vanity and medicine cabinet in (I know we posted some pictures of the tile but I don't think these were up yet), and accessories installed. I'll take more pictures once we get the light bulb replaced and there's better light in the room. You can see the detachable shower head but not the rain shower. The shower system turned out AWESOME. The rain shower is like being under a waterfall, and the detachable shower has great water pressure and is almost like a massager. My shower last night was fabulous. I am looking forward to another one after finishing this post. Instead of coffee we will have to have guests over to try the shower.

The kitchen turned out great too. Here you go, the very first kitchen pictures (taken as Curt arrived ahead of the movers). I was waiting to take pictures until the tile went up, and it was the very last thing done. You'll note the gaping hole where a fridge is supposed to be. Long story, let's just say it involves a damaged (though working) fridge that I refused to have installed. It's currently sitting in the living room and should be replaced by late this week or early next week. We will stage some real "after" pictures once the moving boxes are cleared out and the fridge is in.

And lastly, here are Loren and Curt in her new room unpacking the doll house. Loren was thrilled to open her new closet and find all her toys inside.


ac said... kitchen!! the place looks awesome. good thought on cleaning all of the tile dust prior to the move-in. we were finding dust for a while on everything (ask our swiffer what it thought).

-r said...

The apartment looks great. What a difference in the before and after! The kitchen looks so much bigger than I thought it was! Bravo! :)

JC said...

What a beautiful place! I love the kitchen and great pick with the color in Loren's room. Can't wait to see it in person :)

JamesF said...

Looks nice. And it's a post by Cheryl from her own account! Awesome!

BullBunky said...

Wow. What an amazing transformation! Everything looks so bright and wide open. Loren already looks right at home :)

SMY said...

It looks amazing! Congratulations!!

Vincent said...

Beautiful! Congratulations. I can't wait to come over for a shower.

tsteffens said...

The kitchen is beautiful and the stove looks fancy!
The hardwood floors as well!