Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stardate 61427.02 - Breaking Into My Own Place

Today I went over to the co-op and using the key to our rental apartment was able to jimmy open the bottom lock and gain entry to our new home. I set the bottom lock so that it will not lock when the door is closed, so now we can use the deadbolt to lock (and unlock!) the place. Cheryl went to a locksmith over lunch to inquire as to our options for having the bottom lock replaced (and we may go ahead and get the deadbolt replaced as well - who knows how many keys Dora gave out).

I met Cheryl and Loren at the co-op after work and we let Loren play while we took some additional measurements and then ate our first meal in our new home - a bottle of water and a brownie!

Here are the "before" pictures with all the previous owner's stuff gone. You will have to wait a couple of months for the "after" pictures.


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JamesF said...

Curt: who knows how many keys Dora gave out

Can you help boots find the hidden keys? Excelente!