Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stardate 61475.69 - Corpse Bride

Cheryl and I finally watched Corpse Bride last night. We've been very slow in watching our NetFlix movies recently because with it getting dark so much later in the day, Loren has been moving her bedtime later (past 9 PM). So we have not had time to watch movies at night for a while.

I was a huge fan of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, so despite the poor reviews I had high hopes for Corpse Bride. It did not live up to expectations. I found it slow and predictable, and the music was forgettable. Nightmare was a great story, and the music was much better (so good I purchased the soundtrack). It was just not innovative enough (in terms of the puppet technology) to make up for a weak story. Maybe computer animation and puppetry have gotten so good now that we expect it to look awesome, and that makes a weak story more obvious - where in the past we could ignore a weak story to marvel at the technology we don't do that anymore. I own Nightmare on DVD and now I want to go back and re-watch it to see if it stands up to the test of time.

For Corpse Bride, two thumbs down, or as Cheryl said last night "sideways thumb at best". To the best of my recollection, two thumbs up for Nightmare Before Christmas.


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JamesF said...

Sounds like you liked Corpse Bride even less than I did. We seem to have the same basic thoughts on the movie, although in the end it fell into my "meh" category of being an okay movie to watch (but not something I would get excited about or want to purchase).