Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stardate 61490.66 - Loren and the Hat

Apparently they got some type of hat or something at day care and Loren wore it all day and when Cheryl tried to take the hat off and take her home Loren threw a fit so Loren ended up going home with the hat. This is all quite ironic because on vacation on St. Martin we couldn't get Loren to wear her hat hardly at all. And in NYC on a day that hit 92 with a heat factor of 100 she wants to wear a hat home.

I'm sure Cheryl will post a comment with more details or will correct me if I mis-heard her during our brief phone call this evening.

Herndon, VA


cheryl said...

It's just a hat from the dress-up bin in her classroom, probably left over from some long-ago child. They told me she was modeling it all day long. And it goes with her dress quite nicely (Uncle S and Aunt R should recognize the dress - it still fits!!)

Anonymous said...

The dress is adorable! And so is the hat -- very funny that she wouldn't take it off!