Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stardate 61476.42 - Company Picnic

My company's local office held its summer picnic over at Central Park tonight, so even though Loren was down a couple of hours on sleep due to an early wake-up and a very short nap, we went ahead and proceeded over to the park. We arrived just as the event started, and the crowd was very light.

We put Loren on an airplane ride, not too sure if she would like it or not -- she loved it! She refused to get off of the ride, and luckily there was no line so she went multiple times.

We then moved to a boat ride and a train ride, both of which she also enjoyed.

We also did a bouncy car ride but it was a bit much and we didn't do that one again.

After our picnic dinner we took her back to the plane and the train and she really fell in love with the train, yelling "yellow car!" (the train car was yellow) and pulling at her seat belt and yelling "seat belt!" over and over and over. We hated to tear her away from the rides but by 7:30 PM we felt we should get her back home and to bed.


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