Monday, June 04, 2007

Stardate 61424.27 - Homeowners, but access denied

We closed on the co-op today.

We are now property owners in Manhattan (well, actually owners of shares of a corporation with a proprietary lease for our specific unit, but for anyone not from NYC lets keep it simple and just say we own the place).

We did the walk-through at noon, then had lunch with the seller's agent (the seller is out of the country). After the closing, during which we signed about 100 pieces of paper, we went and met with the designer to finalize the purchasing of material for some of the renovations. We then picked up Loren and went home to pick up the champagne and camera and tape measure and then headed back down to the new place.

Because nothing can ever be easy, we ran into a little snag getting into our place. The seller gave us 5 keys. Two fit the deadbolt, one fit the mailbox, and two (which didn't match) didn't seem to open anything. This normally would not have been a problem, but I pushed the little button on the bottom lock as we left so that the door would lock when pulled shut, and apparently that was the wrong move. No-one seems to have a key for that lock. So when we tried to get into the apartment with our champagne and glasses and Loren we couldn't get the bottom lock unlocked.

So we went back home and Cheryl called the selling agent who promised to call the superintendent tomorrow morning and have it fixed. So maybe tomorrow we can take Loren to the new place so she can see where she will be living in a few months (once renovations are complete). In case you are wondering why we are renovating, here are some "before" pictures, taken right after we decided to make an offer on the place. I wanted to paste some "empty" pictures, but we sort of would have had to be able to get back into the place tonight. Here is the wallpaper in the bathroom.

The view is not as great as in our current place, but the price is better. From the kitchen window we can see the Queensboro Bridge.

The kitchen is pretty good size for NYC, and we'll be taking down a wall and opening it up even more.

The bathroom really, really needs updating.

Master bedroom view. We met the girl whose apartment we look into while we were there tonight trying to get into our place. She seemed really nice.

More of the kitchen. This is the wall that will go.

The knob to the dishwasher somehow has vanished since February, as we noticed during the walk-through.

The doors and the wall to the right are coming down to be replaced with an island/bar area with lots of storage.

We are pretty excited, but also anxious for the renovations to being and to end so we can finally move!


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Can't wait to see the after shots! :)