Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stardate 61455.73 - Father's Day Weekend Begins

At Loren's day care they had a special Father's Day event at the end of the day Friday. Loren was quite happy that Daddy showed up at school, and she brought me several books to read.

Then she realized that her teachers were giving food to the other children on the other side of the room and she abandonded Daddy for food. She proceeded to eat two huge strawberries and many, many grapes. Once Mommy arrived we went by our new place to get the mail (the first mortgage bill was already in the mailbox) and we met another Mommy and her 2-year old daughter who live in our unit, only 9 floors up from us.

We're going to take a trip to NJ today to visit with Cheryl's family and to take a trip to the Zoo.

And can I just say, Telenav is the coolest application on my phone! I used it to go to Rome, NY this week for meetings, and I'll be using it to get to the Zoo!


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