Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stardate 61439.19 - Gone Sailing

Cheryl and I hired our regular babysitter for the afternoon/evening on Saturday and finally had our "date" for our 11-year anniversary. Between closing on the co-op and everything else over the past few weeks, we never made it out for our anniversary.

Since Cheryl has also taken the basic sailing course through the Manhattan Sailing School (which is part of the Manhattan Sailing Club that we are members of), we decided to go sailing first for our date, and then go out for dinner.

There was a large event going on around North Cove and the fire boats were out on the Hudson, putting on a display.

It was the second day in a row where I'd sailed with Carol (who was our skipper for this sail and is standing up in the photo below), and the water was a bit rough Saturday afternoon. Winds started out around 20 knots with some gusts, but it eased a bit as the sail went on.

Here is the "Willy Wall" - the club's very cool clubhouse out on the water.

After the sail was over we shared a drink with the skipper and the crew on the dock, then we walked into Tribecca for dinner. We ate at Mocca, a "Restaurant, Lounge, Espresso Bar" that we stumbled onto as we were walking around. We started with an appetizer of hummus, and then Cheryl had the Tilapia while I had the "mini-burgers" (or "sliders" as they are called in middle-America restaurants these days - I think it was originally a naval term).

The appetizer was huge, so we skipped dessert. The "frozen" margarita was somewhere between "on the rocks" and "frozen", but was tasty nevertheless. The hummus was very good, and I enjoyed the fries and burgers. The fish was also very tasty. The prices were not too bad (my sliders were $12 and included the fries). For the price, the place was pretty good.

While we were eating a large procession of people continued to walk by, and we found out it was the Out of the Darkness walk to raise suicide awareness.

We got home around 10PM and learned that Loren had a pretty good evening and went to bed just fine and even went to bed earlier than she has been for us!


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