Saturday, June 02, 2007

Stardate 61417.18 - Little People

Toys have changed since I was a kid. For example, I remember the old, yellow-roof house with the play people from Fisher Price. Do you remember it? It had a doorbell consisting of a metal bell and a plastic lever on a spring that would strike it to make it ring. There were small, nicely chokeable-sized people and furniture. All the furniture could be removed and moved from room to room. There was even a tub and toilet and a pet dog and a small car that fit in the garage.

Now the Fisher Price Little People line has been designed as to not pose a choking hazard, which means that no item can be small enough to fit through a cardboard toilet paper tube. And most of the furniture is now permanently mounted in the house. And the noise makers are all controlled by a battery and a chip. And the old house certainly didn't have a computer room inside!

Loren really likes playing with the house and the barn and the animals, but they make me a little nostalgic for the old, dangerous version.



JamesF said...

We have so many of those little people things it's unreal.

We've got the barn (which looks slightly different than the picture you posted, I suspect they change the model on a yearly basis). We've got Noah's Ark. The zoo, the garage truck, the ice cream truck, the mini van, the firetruck, etc, etc. We've even got a video of the Little people (the frog's name is Freddy) and a CD of them. Luckily they don't play with them that much anymore, because I thought all those things were going to drive me insane (further insane?).

JamesF said...

I forgot about the house, the airport, the train, the road (you get the idea).