Monday, September 01, 2008

Stardate 62667.70 - Family Visit

On Thursday Mom and Judy (who took the picture above) brought cousin Joseph up to NYC for a Yankee's game (they won). Afterward, they came downtown to meet me near my office for dinner. Cheryl also came down with Loren and we went to South West, one of my favorites due to their margaritas and their proximity to the water (with terrific views of North Cove). Their food is not bad, either.

Before dinner, while we waited for Cheryl and Loren to arrive via subway I walked them past the World Trade Center site and took them to my sailing club location so they could have a view out across the Hudson. After dinner they went back to NJ to spend the night so they could get an early start back to VA Friday morning. It was a nice visit.


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