Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stardate 62703.77 - Went to the Farm

We belong to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group, where we get produce from a local farm once per week delivered to Manhattan. Saturday was "visit the farm" day so we skipped gymnastics and left early for a 2.5 hour drive up to "our" farm in the Catskills. Loren loved pretending to drive the tractor.

She even posed with Cheryl.

We took a tour of the fields after tractor time.

Loren was very disappointed that the tractor part of the carrot picking didn't involve her riding on the tractor. The farmer used it to till up the ground a bit so the carrots were easy to remove, but Loren really thought that she would get to ride on the tractor when he was doing it.

After eating a picnic lunch, we then went down the road a bit to the berry farm where we picked fresh raspberries.

Then we stopped by Denise and Greg's place for a quick visit and to wash and eat the raspberries! They flew to Poland today, so we kept our visit short and we forgot to bring the camera in so we have no photos.


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Trailing Male said...

I'm glad you haven't forgotten your "roots" in Churchville! :-)
Seriously, I wish more people at least had a clue where their food comes from. Good for you showing it to Loren!

We arrived back in the States this year just in time for the local wild (red) raspberries to ripen. Since pointing the plants out to my mother-in-law some five years ago, a small patch has grown up in her unused side yard. We picked several pints this summer. Unfortunately we didn't make it to our favorite raspberry spot on the Bull Run Trail this year.

I do hope to make it to the trail this weekend to see if we can snag some paw-paws. We rarely manage to time it right; green or gone is what we usually encounter.