Monday, September 01, 2008

Stardate 62667.72 - Labor Day Weekend

We started off Labor Day Weekend slowly, spending Saturday morning at home. That afternoon we went to Westchester to visit with Linda and Jason and to let Loren have a play date with their children, Hadley and Logan. They have been overseas for work for a couple of years and are now back in the States. They live in a pretty cool neighborhood that isn't too bad of a commute into the city (of course, I'm not sure how it is with 2 children). After some play time, we walked from their place to a pizza joint for dinner, and then headed back home.

Sunday morning we headed out early to NJ for the beach. Grandma Golda ("Bobby") purchased a new bucket for getting water for Loren, which she immediately put to work keeping her feet cool. She also played by herself a fair amount this trip, including walking pretty far away from our blanket to look for shells and rocks to put into her new bucket.

Cheryl's parents came over for dinner, and then we headed back into the city.

We thought that there would not be much traffic since Monday is a holiday, but we were wrong. It was very slow on the Parkway and then traffic was very heavy on the Turnpike as well. People were driving like morons (as usual), including one guy WHO WOULD NOT GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE even though he was going 10 mph less than the speed limit. The short version is that after sitting right behind him for several miles waiting for him to get over I finally swung around him, passing on the right, and then cut back in front of him. Unfortunately, this caught the attention of a NJ State Trooper who then proceeded to pull me over for tailgating and passing on the right--an accurate assessment of how I had been driving. When he asked what my hurry was I honestly replied, "We've been stuck in traffic for an hour and my kid is in the back and starting to really complain."

Well, he much have kids because he let me off with only a warning.



JamesF said...

Capt Sawyer:
Well, he much have kids because he let me off with only a warning.

I have this vision of Curt dodging a bullet Matrix style.

jm said...

I like the sailboat pic--you guys are such a cute sailing family! :-)