Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stardate 62723.57 - Weekend

On Saturday we went up to 73rd street to a Mexican hole-in-the-wall that Cheryl visited once and found to be quite good. Loren wanted to ride her scooter all the way there, which meant that we ended up carrying it a good deal of the way. The weather was nice, in the low 70s, so I broke out the jeans for the first or second time. The restaurant was quite good and we enjoyed the meal. On the way back we stopped at the playground by where we used to live and after some fun in the sandbox where a little boy dropped pants to urinate in the sandbox (narrowly missing the children around him), Loren was ready for ice cream.

On Sunday I took her to Central Park so Cheryl could get some much-needed shopping done and we ended up at the Children's Zoo. I know we have 50 pictures of Loren on the turtles but they are by far her favorite thing at the Zoo. We did have a break-through today where she got some of the feed and actually put it into her hand and stuck her hand through the fence for the goats to lick the food off. She seems to be relatively trama-free after feeding the goats. I can't say the same for the turtle after Loren cleaned out his nose.


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