Monday, November 06, 2006

Stardate 60848.83 - More Photos from the Park

On Sunday I took Loren over to Central Park again, but this time to the Billy Johnson Playground. It was not as toddler friendly as the E 72nd Street Playground (which is where we were on Saturday) as it was much more concrete and rocks and cement and not the soft type of asphalt they had at the other park. There were also more older kids running around at this one. Loren still seemed to have a lot of fun, and especially enjoyed the slide and just running around in general.

Sunday was also the ING New York City Marathon, which we luckily avoided. We were a little worried because for breakfast we went over to the new Le Pain Quotidien on First Ave, and we had to cross Second to get there and the runners come up Second Ave. Luckily, we'd finished breakfast before the first runners arrived on Second and we were able to cross the street with no problem. Le Pain Quotidien is an outstanding place to eat, by the way, and if you ever visit us in NYC you should remember to ask us to take you there for breakfast or brunch. The bread basket is not to be missed, and easily feeds 2 people for the entire meal.

The playground was close to the finish line (close enough I could hear the cheering and applause) but not so close as to cause any problems (other than larger than normal crowds in the park).

Since I didn't have Cheryl with me (she was off looking for a winter coat for Loren) I didn't take the camera. Juggling Loren and the Camera seemed to be a bad idea. So here are two pictures from Saturday that didn't make the cut for that posting.


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