Monday, November 13, 2006

Stardate 60868.61 - Happy Birthday Loren!!

It was Loren's First Birthday on Saturday, so we had a party for her here in NYC and also on Sunday out in NJ at Cheryl's parents' house. Loren got all kinds of great clothes and toys and stuff and seems to love it all! Thanks to everyone who was able to attend one of the events! In the photo above she is opening her presents from me and Cheryl first thing Saturday morning. I haven't posted many of the pictures yet as I wanted to get this post up (since I haven't posted since Thursday). I'll post more pictures and the story of our flat tire adventures tomorrow.

Here is Loren's birthday cake at home.

Here Cheryl helps Loren to open presents in NJ.

Loren received a Winnie the Pooh robot doll that is supposed to speak her name, let her know when events appear on her calendar, and many other things. But first I have to program him, and I haven't gotten a chance to do that yet. But Loren liked just carrying around the silent (for now) bear.

Loren's Great-Grandmother created a cat cake for the party in NJ.



Andrew said...

I'm guessing the picture of me and JC giving the creepy guy look didn't make the cut?

CAPT_Sawyer said...

I'm saving that for a day when I don't have anything to blog about.