Friday, November 17, 2006

Stardate 60879.78 - New Home Office

As I may have mentioned earlier, we finally turned the study (my home office) into Loren's room last Friday. This transformation required finding a new place for my office. We debated using the dining room, the part of the living room near the windows (furtherest away from the door), and a corner of the bedroom. We finally settled on the bedroom. We just didn't want to give up our "formal" dining room, and the thought of moving all the living room stuff down 10 feet was not appealing - plus my work area can get a little cluttered at times and having that clutter in the middle essentially of our living room was not appealing to Cheryl (or to me).

What we didn't realize was how painful moving the desk would be. I think moving the entertainment center in the living room would have been easier! At its narrowest point the desk is 29", and the doorway out of the study...I mean, Loren's room...and the doorway into the bedroom are both about 28.5". So it took some creative twisting, lots of grunting, and some swearing to get it first out of Loren's room and then secondly into our bedroom. But we were successful in the end, our marriage survived the experience, and after some re-arranging of furniture my new set-up was complete.

It is a better than the study in that I now face out a window both from the desk and my small table. I also have much better light with both a Southern and a Western exposure (we are on the SW corner of the building). We plan to replace the round table with an actual computer desk so I can use the actual desk for writing and stuff, but we first have to decide what type of computer desk to purchase - and for some reason we tend to take a long time to decide on that stuff.

Regardless, I've been in the new set-up for a week, and I am pleased with the arrangement - and everyone who knows me knows that it is all about me. ;-)



Rick Anderson said...

What's up with two printers? You're losing a lot of deskspace to the second printer which you could use for clutter instead!

CAPT_Sawyer said...

One is a standard laster printer (fast!) and the other is a Color InkJet Scanner, Fax, Copier, printer. I've had the laster printer for a few years, and the combo InkJet (HP G95) was the first one that work purchased for me when I started telecommuting.

JamesF said...

So what happens on the off chance that Cheryl is sick and in bed? Do you kick her to the couch so you can work? I say this as a hypothetical since we all know Moms aren't actually allowed to get sick.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

That is what the big comfy couch in the living room is for!