Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Supplemental - Rumsfeld Resigns

The news just keeps getting better:

Worst case, the Senate is now split 50-50. With a Webb victory in Virginia (which we may not know for weeks) the Democrats will have taken control of Congress. Time will tell if they can actually do something, or if they will just fall on their swords.



-s said...

I'm not sure if replacing Rumsfeld with an ex-CIA boss is any sort of improvement, even if he's the president of A&M.

What it says to me is that the White House has decided to repair its relations with the CIA and move questionable decisions over to the dark side.

Trailing Male said...

I was amazed at Bush's comments. What happened to his "he'll stick around for another two years" and "we'll stay the course no matter what" attitude? Suddenly it's "new ideas" and "fresh perspective" - where was that a couple years ago???

I agree with you, Curt. If the Dems don't make solid, practical progress, things people can understand and appreciate, 2008 will be ugly. With any luck we won't have any more valuable time wasted on debates on flag-burning, gay marriage amendments, or keeping on FL woman in a vegetative state alive.