Sunday, June 08, 2008

Stardate 62436.31 - Escape to the Beach

On Saturday we went to the beach in NJ to visit with Cheryl's Grandmother and also to have dinner with Cheryl's parents. I discovered on the way that I can no longer yell at other drivers with Loren in the car. During a traffic jam a car drove up from some distance away on the shoulder, then cut over in front of me when there was a bridge (and no more shoulder). The Battlestar Galactica version of what I said was "Fracker!" Unfortunately, Loren repeated it about 5 times. I then started yelling "Chickens!" (thanks, Steve and Rachel) and Loren started repeating "Chickens!" and never again said "Fracker!"

Another funny Loren story is that I was trying to take my contacts out Friday and Loren was playing in the Living Room and asked me a question so I said, "You need to hold on, Loren, I'm taking my contacts out." Loren came down the hall to the bathroom saying, "What do I need to hold on to?"

Training for the new job (really all the corporate in-processing) went well this past week, and I really start the new job tomorrow at the client site. I'm excited about the change and am really looking forward to it!


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JamesF said...

I started self censuring myself years ago also. The problem is that I still sometimes would say something like "What the ..." and then trail it off. And sure enough now Quinn says "What the!" all the time when something doesn't go his way. His other favorite phrase these days seems to be "You've got to be kidding me." I think he gets that one from Ginger more than me. I've also been known to say "Son of a Biscuit" on more than one occaision, luckily he hasn't picked up on that one yet.