Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stardate 62442.28 - Que Calor

My Spanish is a little rusty, but I think "Que Calor" translates as "How Hot!" Indeed, I picked the perfect week to start a new job where I have to wear a suit and spend 45-60 minutes commuting. The heat index today was a sultry 107, and I am pretty much miserable on the commute. What is really annoying is that the commute would be about 30 minutes on the weekend, but the express trains run slower on the tracks on the weekdays for some insane reason. It took me nearly an hour to get home today, and with Cheryl in Germany and a babysitter bringing Loren home from daycare that extra time is costing me money!

Being back in an office environment has been nice, except for the commute. Yesterday someone on the train was holding her stomach like she was about to throw up. Not normally a problem, but she was directly in front of me and I had no where to run. I finally managed to squeeze a couple of people away from her so I'd have some cover if she started to hurl. And this morning I got to see a woman essentially give a man a lap dance for the entire commute down to Wall Street. I mean, I understand listening to your iPod and maybe grooving a little, but NOT when the train is packed so full of people that your "dancing" constantly results in rubbing up and down against a fellow passenger. And believe me if you are reading this, you are NOT a looker. I would have moved.

And in the interesting Loren story department, I was reading her the "ABC in NYC" book (which I have not read in months) and when we got to "G" being "George Washington Bridge" she said, "That is how we get to Denise's!" Well, she is exactly right. I'm not sure if she remembers that from the trip a few months ago, or if Cheryl had recently read her the book and made that connection for her, but I prefer to think that Loren is just brilliant.

And P.S., doing the single parent thing sucks. Especially when I don't get home until an hour before her bedtime. I ended up letting her stay up an extra 30 minutes just to be able to play and interact with her some more.


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Trailing Male said...

"Que calor" could also be "what heat." Either works. Funny thing: lately it's been hotter on the east coast of the US than it has here in Mexico, at least with the index and often without it. With any luck the heat wave will break before we head back to DC in a couple weeks. The thought of a four day drive in that heat, car packed with miscellaneous stuff, two adults, and an old dog... not appealing.