Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stardate 62465.21 - The Cat Who Came for Lunch

I was at work on Wednesday morning when I got a call from our co-op. The doorman asked me if we had a black and white cat, because one was out in the hallway on our floor. He put the super on, and Richie asked me if we had 1 cat or 2. I told him we had 2 cats. He then told me that there was a black and white cat with gold eyes in the hallway. That sounded a lot like Magic, so I told him he could put the cat in our apartment. Both cats have recently been trying to run out into the hallway (well, plod out into the hallway in Magic's case) whenever the door is open, so while it seemed odd that he could have gotten out when Cheryl left with Loren in the morning, it wasn't out of the realm of possibility.

But then Richie said something that bothered me. He said they'd put the kitten back into our apartment. I said out cat wasn't a kitten, and he told me that this wasn't really a kitten but rather a young cat. I wasn't so sure that Magic could be described in such a way, but no-one else on our floor had a cat so I thanked him and hung up.

The kitten comment kept nagging at me, so I called Cheryl and asked her to come home over lunch just to make sure we didn't have some strange cat in our apartment.

Well, it turns out we did.

Someone around the corner (our hallway is an "L" shape) had gotten a young cat and apparently it had gotten out. This poor, scared cat was wedged in the corner of our kitchen with Magic either standing watch or tormenting it (we're not sure which). Cheryl let the building staff know that the cat wasn't ours, and they managed to find the correct apartment and move the cat to where it belonged.




JamesF said...

I'm glad the story had a happy ending.

SMY said...

That's a funny story! Glad the kitten was eventually returned home, and nothing crazier happened between the kitten and Magic.