Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stardate 62493.38 - Post Shortage

A lot has been going on recently, but we haven't put a lot of posts up. Losing the hard drive in the home laptop has been the primary reason, and we finally got a replacement from Dell and are now back up and running. Since the laptop usually sits on the bar counter, it is more convenient to do posts from the center of the action, rather than going back into the bedroom on the old desktop to do so.

First, Loren has been helping out more and more in the kitchen. While it is good that she is helping and interested in cooking, sometimes it slows down the process. We have to assign her tasks that are not dangerous and sometimes have to distract her with something (like the salad spinner) while Cheryl finishes things up.

Second, Cheryl went to Germany for a week on business and I was on Loren duty the very first week that I reported to work at the client site for my new job. Luckily I could drop her off in the morning and we could arrange for a couple of her teachers to bring her home as daycare closes before my work day is normally through. Also, Mom and Judy were coming up the weekend of the 14th - 15th, so they came up a day earlier (Thursday) to help out. It was great to have them be able to pick up Loren and entertain her, and it was great to be able to show them the new place. Apparently I was so busy with entertaining and Loren that I never took any pictures! Luckily my Mom was busy with her camera so hopefully she got some good ones.

Third, Squirt has been sneezing and wheezing a bit so we took them in for their regular annual appointments and while Magic is fine Squirt does have an infection so she is on medicine for at least a week.

Lastly, Dad and Valerie came up this weekend for a visit. I did remember to take pictures this time, and will post some soon.


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