Friday, October 10, 2008

Stardate 62775.63 - Block Island in October, Part One

Back in May I took a sailing trip to Block Island with Thomas and another crew member he found. We were supposed to have more people but everyone canceled at the last second so we were a bit shorthanded, and I wrote briefly about our experiences in a previous post. I knew Thomas wanted to go again in the October time frame so I prodded him in September and he put together a crew. Somehow I convinced Cheryl to take care of Loren without me for 4 days (two of which she was in NJ with her parents, brother Andy, and his wife Jen), and the trip was set for Thursday through Sunday, October 2-5.

It was Thomas who chartered the boat, me as skipper, with Jay, Ed, and Terry as crew (Thomas knew Jay and Ed, and Terry is a co-worker of mine). Jay took some fantastic pictures (in fact all the pictures from this post are actually his). Our boat was Summer Dreams, a Beneteau 42 from Bareboat Sailing Charters in Newport, RI.

The trip down to Block Island was a bit rough, with 7 foot seas and 30 knot winds. (That's me in the red and black jacket at the helm, above.) It started off pretty easy, but by the time we rounded Point Judith we were in the thick of it. You can see in the picture below how far over we are heeled based on Jay's stance.

Once we got down to the entrance to The Great Salt Pond things were a bit calmer, and Jay posed for a Captain Morgan's picture. Apparently I'm still a little concerned about getting into the anchorage, based on the expression on my face.

Once we got the sails down it was a quick motor into the calm, protected Salt Pond where we picked up a mooring for the night.

That night we went ashore for some much-needed food and beverage after a physically-demanding sail. Our waitress also posed for the picture. Terry is standing beside her, I'm in the green shirt, Ed is next to me, then Jay, and Thomas is all the way on the right.

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