Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stardate 62777.18 - Block Island, Day Two

On Friday we got up and checked the weather and the winds and sea were still pretty high so we decided to spend the day on Block Island. After a leisurely breakfast we walked into town.

We found a moped rental place and rented 4 mopeds to drive around the island. I'd never ridden one before, but they were pretty easy. They usually did about 35 miles per hour although I had mine up to 40 once going down hill. Jay and Terry pose below as we were forming up our gang, "Heaven's Angels".

Most of the morning looked great, but by afternoon it really looked like rain. Luckily, apart from a very short and mild sprinkle it didn't rain.

We found a person to take a group picture. Below left-to-right are Jay, Ed, Terry, and me.

Once back in town we turned in the mopeds and caught back up with Thomas (who wasn't feeling well and elected to remain in town) for ice cream.

Here is the downtown view.

And we had a nice sunset that evening.

Days Three and Four


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