Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stardate 62800.19 - Mr. Jack-O-Lantern

We've started our preparations for Halloween, and the first activity (after buying pumpkins) was to carve one up into a Jack-O-Lantern. I'm not sure what Loren was expecting when we took the top off, but clearly the seeds and junk inside was not it. Loren had previously drawn on the pumpkin, making eyes, a nose, and a mouth so Cheryl used that general lay-out to do the carving of the face. Here is the end result:

Cheryl also purchased two costumes for Loren, a Doctor one and a Pirate one. Loren tried on the pirate costume first, and that is when the "low battery" warning on the camera started to flash so we didn't get pictures of the doctor one (but I'm sure she'll wear it again).

While dressed as a pirate Loren wanted to bury her two treasure chests (well, hide them) and then carry them to her ships. Her chests were two plastic wipes containers, and her ships were two cardboard boxes from Fresh Direct. Then as the doctor she gave me and Cheryl each multiple check-ups before Cheryl persuaded her to start on her stuffed animals.

The sad thing it, we're not even sure that our building does any trick-or-treating at Halloween.


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