Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Stardate 59606.37 - Vacation Plans

Working hard to get everything in place for our big vacation coming up...our last trip before the baby arrives in November. Looking forward to some R&R and getting away from work, although based on the numbers of e-mail I receive daily (about 120) I'm probably going to be checking e-mail while I'm away, just to keep my inbox from filling up. Crazy.

All is progressing well with the pregnancy. Cheryl has an appointment (standard) with the doctor, and she'll get a note just in case the airline wants to give us a hassle. Would hate to show up for vacation and have the airline say, "She looks too far along to fly!"

Seems like everyone is having babies right friend Trent, my wife's brother. Oh, and we're keeping any names secret until the birth. We're open to suggestions, but we are not telling. I just keep telling people we're going to name her after my wife's D&D character: Liljana.

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