Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Vacation 2005 – Wednesday, August 31

Today we went to the Columbia River Gorge. Very, very cool. The day started out pretty hazy, but was much clearer by the time we reached Mt. Hood. We stopped at the Vista House (above), the Multnomah Falls (below),

went to the big dam in the area to see the Salmon swimming up the ladder, and ate a great lunch at a brew pub in Hood River. Very rarely do I eat somewhere that I cannot make a decision because everything looks good on the menu. This was one of those places: Big Horse Brew Pub--Horse Feathers & Co. We then drove the Mt. Hood loop and captured a couple of pictures of the mountain, despite the clouds. Mt. Hood is over 11,000 feet above sea level. Would have loved to hike there. Maybe next time. Once the new baby is 12-13 years old and can carry its own weight and keep up.

We did have a little trouble getting back to Salem, as we took the scenic route and took a wrong turn, adding about 30 minutes to our trip. We were ready to be done. This would have made a great 2-day trip, if we had time. We didn't do much hiking or stopping as we just had the one day.

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