Monday, August 29, 2005

Vacation 2005 – Saturday, August 27

We had a terrific 7-course breakfast at the lighthouse and then headed out to the Oregon Dunes for our last day on the coast.

We did a lot of hiking on the dunes and out to the ocean. Other than the main dune area, the place we pretty deserted.

After our morning out, we started the long drive up the coast and over to Salem to Steve and Rachel’s place. We stopped at a place that supposedly had the best pizza on the Oregon coast (according to the Moon Handbooks guide to the Oregon coast), but if that was the best the coast had to offer, then it is pretty bad out here.

We also stopped at another lighthouse and took their tour, but the place was crawling with flies!

We then had a long, hard slog with lots of traffic to reach our destination in Salem. Steve and Rachel had a great dinner for us (Chicken Pasta Pesto) and we met the newest addition to the family, Ellie. We turned in pretty early as it was a long day of driving and we were beat.

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