Thursday, August 25, 2005

Vacation 2005 – Sunday, August 21

We woke up around 0600 and got up and out by 0630. I went for a 30-minute run and Cheryl took a walk down by the beach. She then realized that she really wanted the camera, so she went back for it and got some great Santa Cruz lighthouse shots in the early morning. I got back from my run and spotted her on the beach so I ran across the sand and caught up with her. We then went to breakfast with Janice to a local spot, and I had average buttermilk pancakes but Cheryl’s omelet was fantastic. We sat around back at the beach house for a while and then headed out to San Francisco, but took Highway 1 up from Santa Cruz.

John and Jeff’s place is really great! Lots of room and lots of room to expand and remodel on the lower two levels. Very cool garden out back as well. We sat around and chatted and watched some National Geographic channel in High Definition on their 36” LCD Flat panel TV. Very cool. We then had a driving tour of some of SF on our way to dinner at The Last Supper (Italian). This was Jeff’s favorite Italian, but it apparently changed owners and chef from the last time he was there, and he felt (while still good) the place was no longer great. During the driving tour we had another great quote. As we passed by a salon, Jeff noticed that it looked like the name was “BO” (made us all think of Body Odor). He said, “I wouldn’t want to go to the “BO Salon!” Then Cheryl noticed a bar in the logo between the “B” and the “O” and stated, “I think it is the BLO (blow) Salon.” Jeff replied, “I’d much rather go to the ‘Blow Salon’ than the ‘BO Salon’!” Maybe you had to be there, but we thought it was funny. After dinner we went back and just sat around chatting some more and hit the sack around 1100.

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