Monday, August 29, 2005

Vacation 2005 – Friday, August 26

Eureka redeemed itself a little last night, although it was still our least-favorite place so far on our trip. The music was pretty good at the coffee house, and we stayed through the first set and then went back to the B&B. Breakfast was good again this morning, and we checked out right afterwards.

Our drive up the Oregon coast was pretty foggy. We tried to stop once to take in a scenic spot, but it was so foggy we could not see anything at all. The clouds and fog finally broke by the time we got to the next B&B, Heceta Head.
This place was fantastic! I have always liked light houses, and Cheryl picked a B&B where we actually stay in the light keeper’s home!
We got checked in and then took a walk up to the lighthouse. We took the quick tour, and then walked down to the beach. After listening to the gulls and the waves we went back up to the house and selected a restaurant to eat at to the North, the Adobe House. The food was pretty good and we got to glimpse 2 whales out the restaurant windows, just off the cliffs. We could see them blowing spray into the water, and once we caught sight of a tail or fin. Pretty cool. By the time we finished eating and got the camera and walked over to the shore, however, they were gone.

We went back to the lighthouse at dusk and watched the sun set and I took more pictures. We then went back to the keeper’s house to turn in for the night. We had the room with a view to the lighthouse, so I got to fall asleep to the light streaking out to sea, visible from the room. It was the coolest place! I’m glad Cheryl found it. Unfortunately, they had a wedding scheduled for the weekend so we only had one night.

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