Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stardate 59618.52 - Weekend Events

Still getting ready for the vacation. Managed to miss the rain both today and Saturday....luck was with us. Then we went all the way down to B&H to look at cameras (maybe getting a new one for the vacation) and they were closed today! So our luck ran out. Spent part of the weekend finally clear-coating a piece of furniture that we purchased almost 10 years ago...a Crate & Barrel pseudo-butcher block wine rack sort of table. We're going to turn it into a changing table for the baby. But we never sealed it with clear-coat, so we did that. 2 coats everywhere but the top...three coats there. We also took a trip to Buy Buy Baby to look at strollers and cribs.

We also watched a couple of movies this weekend. Meet the Fockers was bad. Two thumbs down. Major let-down from the first one, which was much better and funnier. Also we saw Dazed and Confused. Two thumbs sideways. It was billed as a comedy, but it is more a period piece about the 70s. Not much plot, not much point.

It was nice to have a weekend with minimal work (I did some administrative items for an hour Sat morning), and no travel. I spent some time playing Neverwinter Nights (I'm working on getting through it for the second time...this time running a female Ranger, whereas I ran a male Paladin the first time). It is interesting how dialog with the other characters changes slightly in many places depending on what sex you play in the game.

Since I keep posting pictures to keep people entertained, here is one of me and Cheryl in Ohio, taken by her brother Steve. Enjoy!! Now I'm going to go to the kitchen and see if Cheryl needs any help with dinner.

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