Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stardate 61613.59 - Loren at the Zoo

Hi everyone, Cheryl here. I know that many of you are here for pictures of Loren rather than Curt's travel rants. Those of you here for Curt's travel rants can skip down to the next post, but should probably reassess your priorities. I did find it fairly entertaining, as travel complaint posts go, and for anyone worried about his hygiene, I can report that he did find a store to buy some shampoo.

Loren and I walked out to our local bagel shop to pick up breakfast this morning. She decided it was much more fun to lick the cream cheese off of my bagel than to eat her plain bagel.

Loren and I had a lovely (though hot) afternoon at Central Park Zoo after Curt left for the airport.

Loren defends her turf.

After the zoo we stopped off at one of the playgrounds, where my aspiring gymnast showed off her prowess on the balance beam. She usually finds much more terrifying things to balance on--retaining walls, etc. -- so I am usually too busy preventing accidents to take pictures.

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JamesF said...

Hmmm, why's it still say it was posted by Curt? Cheryl needs a blogger account and to be added as blog contributor. Stat!

Cute pictures. The one of her on the turtle head is good.