Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Stardate 61581.56 - Wedding in Ohio

We didn't take any pictures at the wedding, but we took a lot at the reception. We pushed Loren around in her stroller for 20 minutes or so before the wedding and she fell asleep and then slept through the entire service. She only woke up as I was pushing her out of the church.

In this next picture cousin Jacklyn (sister of the groom) is talking with Cheryl's brothers. In the background is an ambulance because it wouldn't be a wedding on Cheryl's side without an injury at or just before the wedding. Someone fell on the steps here and although she seemed to be ok the ambulance took her away because she cut her head.

Loren had her own seat at our table, which we swapped out for a highchair for the actual meal.

Here Cheryl tries to read to her niece Ellie and Loren.

The cousins really liked going outside and running around this small flower garden in front of the reception hall. It was pretty hot outside (Ohio in July) so the adults were not to thrilled about being outside for long periods of time, but the kids were just too cute.

Here Uncle Steve and Grandma and Grandpop watch the action.

"Fun" Uncle Andy and Aunt Jen pose for the camera.

Cheryl and Loren have their turn posing for the camera.

Aunt Rachel and cousin Ellie have fun.

Yum! Chicken fingers and fries for Loren!

Loren enjoyed the wedding cake.

Here the kids play on the Cornhole (also called Corntoss) target before the competition gets started.

We left between 7 and 8 PM to head back to the hotel, and then Saturday was officially a wrap. In my next post, I'll talk about what we did on Sunday to kill time before our flight out.


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