Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stardate 61655.63 - Loren's First Sail

Saturday we went to the beach in Sea Bright, but forgot to carry the camera down to the sand. Everyone is probably tired of beach pictures anyway. We took Monday off and in an effort to see how Loren would do on a boat all day, I coordinated with Thomas and some members of the Manhattan Sailing Club to take the Catalina 34 out of Sag Harbor again (same boat I went out on back in June). We were on the boat all day yesterday, and Loren did very, very well! She even took her nap in her stroller down below while we took our lunch break in Coecles Harbor.

Here is our skipper, Thomas.

Here is Willy, one of our crew.

Cheryl relaxes after lunch.

Thomas checks on the sunbathing crew: Cheryl, Kathy, and Ellen.

View off the bow in Coecles Harbor.

Thomas' niece Hilary takes the helm.

A family picture on the boat (although it looks like Cheryl forgot to put her life jacket back on!). Loren doesn't look happy here, but she really did have a fun time on the boat.

Betty takes a turn on the wheel.

Cheryl gets in some time on helm, before Loren came over to "help" and cut her time short.

Curt maneuvers the boat into a narrow passage.

Loren enjoys a snack - she loves those plums!!!

Loren helps Curt work the wheel and the GPS.

Loren is very concerned that the mainsheet is not properly secured.

Loren really loved playing with the winch handle.

All-in-all, the experiment was a success and Loren did very well and we think she would do alright on a sailing vacation, as long as we have periods we can get her off the boat so she can run around.



JamesF said...

Very cool.

Although I can't help but notice you semi chastise Cheryl for not putting back on her life jacket, but then in every other picture no one but you and Loren have them on. Are there only certain times they're required?

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Life jackets come in difference classifications, and there are some Coast Guard regulations and some state regulations. The ones we have one have to be worn to be counted in a vessel’s inventory. There were enough jackets in the inventory so that we really didn’t need to wear them if we didn’t want to, but since we were making Loren wear hers we wanted to follow suit. Most states require children under 13 to wear one, regardless of the vessel’s inventory.