Sunday, August 05, 2007

Stardate 61592.68 - Thanksgiving in August

As I have mentioned before in a post from 2006, we decided that Thanksgiving in November is too cold, that the roads are too crowded, and that people hate traveling. So we decided to move our family's Thanksgiving celebration to the summer when the weather is nice, the roads are not too bad, and people don't mind the travel.

This year the event was in Connecticut (state motto, "He who transplanted still sustains"), at my Uncle Herb and Aunt Randi's place. Loren really enjoyed the pool and riding in or on the different inflatable boats in the pool.

Cousin Justin supervises the kids, water pistol at the ready.

I keep a close eye on Loren, but she has pretty good balance and never fell off. (No comments on my farmer's tan, my body hair, how out-of-shape I am, or my white chest).

Loren, Cheryl, and our nephew Zach get ready to eat the Thanksgiving meal.

The hot tub made a perfect buffet table.

We tried to get a picture of all the kids, but as anyone with kids knows, that was nearly impossible.

Here my mom, grandmother (Ma-Maw), my sister Tracy, and her son Zach pose with me an Loren for a "four-generation" picture.


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