Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stardate 60602.48 - Thanksgiving in August

As I mentioned earlier, while on our vacation to visit the family we had our relatively new tradition of Thanksgiving in the summer. My aunt Melinda and uncle Harry hosted this year at their home in Richmond, and the turn out was pretty good. Even my cousins Erinne, Angelique, and Justin made it from Connecticut, New York, and Georgia (there, Justin, you got another mention in my blog, and I'll mention your girlfriend Natalia as well).

Unfortunately, my pictures were not so good. Maybe it was the beer, or the margaritas, or the wine, or the lack of skill in general, but my pictures were not so hot. So here are the best of a weak selection. Too bad for Erinne not a single picture turned out well of her or her daughters Maeve and Alex.

Here are my grandmother (much improved) and Angelique.

My sister Tracy, cousin Angelique, and Cheryl (my better half).

Judy with Zoe, my cousin Erinne's daughter and the latest member of the family.

My Uncle Harry keeps an eye on things while Cheryl smiles for the camera.

Van and Loren play at the fireplace.

Cheryl and Natalia (the girlfriend of my cousin Justin) watch Loren.

Cousin Justin, his Dad my uncle Herb, his wife Randi, my cousin Jenny, Natalia, and my Grandmother all chat and eat in the kitchen.

Jenny says, "I'll give you a goofy look if you take my picture so you won't use it." But surprise! I posted it anyway.

Here comes double trouble!



Cheryl said...

Erinne's daughter is Maeve, not Mauve : ))

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Ok, I've corrected it.

I's nots suo goodly a speallar.