Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stardate 60641.35 - J.G. Melon for Lunch

At 1100 we find out the Government is slipping the due date to next Monday for the proposal I've been busting my ass to get done by 2 PM today. At least I can relax a bit and enjoy some of my time off this week as a stay-at-home Dad while Loren's daycare is closed.

We went up to J.G. Melon for lunch today for a good old burger and fries meal. Except it wasn't that good. I mean, it was adequate, but for $8 a burger and $3 for the side of fries I was expecting something extraordinary - and we didn't get it.

So our advice is to avoid J.G. Melon and if you want a really good burger go to Goodburger or Jackson Hole.



cheryl said...

In case anyone is wondering why we went for a somewhat overpriced burger, it was listed as one of the top 50 (I think) burgers in NYC last year, and we'd never been there even though it's not very far from us.

Actually I don't concur with Curt's recommendation of Jackson Hole: the burgers in general are huge but not super-flavorful, and the fries are nothing special. We do go back specifically for the guacamole burger , which has surprisingly generous portion of excellent fresh guacamole.

The other hyped burger place we've been to recently that was good was Burger Joint in midtown.

-s said...

I think, regardless of city, that the list of top burgers probably shouldn't exceed 3 or 4. Even Houston, which has a million places that serve burgers and is in beef country, only has a few that serve GREAT burgers. Salem currently only has two that I've had, and one is Carl's Jr. Yikes!

-s said...

To update myself -- Carl's Jr. isn't a place where you say "this is the finest burger I've had!" It's a place where you say "damn this is good."

BullBunky said...

"Best of" burger lists are always amusing. Its the clash of the "simple is better" versus "bigger is better" versus "gourmet toppings are better" people. THAT is why 'best of' lists are sooooo long.

lisamp said...

Our favorite burger is the Corner Bistro. We should take you there sometime! They have McSorley's Ale for $2.50.