Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stardate 60642.18 - Opera in Central Park

We got a call this afternoon from our friend Lisa (who doesn't read this blog nearly as often as she should!) to invite us to Opera in Central Park tonight. So we packed up Loren and her dinner and some dinner of our own (along with a bottle of wine, but don't tell the NYPD!) and headed over to Central Park for the Opera. It was a diverse group from multiple countries. I got to show off my 10 words of German (which came in very handy when stopped by the Polizei on the Autobahn, but that is another story)!

I don't remember what the opera was, because about 30 minutes into it was past Loren's bed time so we packed up and left. But we did get to enjoy the picnic and socializing before it started, and that really is the point of opera in the park.

And on the way back home after 8 PM we looked like all the parents we used to "tisk, tisk" about, out "late" with their kids in strollers. At least Loren fell asleep on the way home!

P.S. Cheryl just reminded me the Opera was "La Traviata"



-s said...

Children who go to bed at 8pm? Where did you get one of those?

lisamp said...

I'm reading your blog today! BTW, I think it makes you good parents that you take your child to the opera at 9 months. How many people can say they had their diaper changed with the Met performing in the background?