Sunday, August 27, 2006

Stardate 60655.35 - House for Sale

No, Cheryl and I haven't suddenly found a place to purchase or anything like that. Instead, my Mom is selling her house and moving to Vermont. It isn't the house I grew up in, as that one was sold back when I was in College, so it doesn't have the same nostalgic impact as the selling of my childhood home did. But she's been in this place for longer then we had the house in Churchville, so it is a significant milestone.

If you know anyone looking to buy in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, here is this listing. It is a custom built 3 bedroom, 3 bath home with a finished basement with family room and study. Lots of storage (I should know, I still have boxes of stuff there). It has a 2-car garage, a separate screened-in porch, a gazebo with hot tub, and two additional separate buildings for the mowing equipment. Large amount of cleared space on the river, beautiful landscaping around the house. Very large kitchen, lots of light in the living room due to the "A-Frame" windows.



-s said...

Nothing like retiring to someplace where you have to shovel lots of snow!! Wait, I'm confused...why is she moving to VT?

Buddy said...

Vermont is beautiful...having lived in Underhill from 2000-early 2006. I know your mother will like it there, but if she isn't already aware the tax situation is out of of several reasons we left.

other than that it is a great place. I assume she cross country skis?

We almost moved to Plattsburg across the lake...everthing was like half as much there.

the house in VA looks awesome.

-s said...

What is the tax situation? My spotty Vermont knowledge would suggest it's that the state has little industry so the whole budget has to be met with residential property taxes. But I could be wrong.

I will agree that Vermont is beautiful. Burlington is a pretty cool town as well.