Sunday, August 27, 2006

Stardate 60655.12 - Weekend Part Three

Today was in the mid-60s and rainy so we spent the morning in the apartment, straightening up while Loren napped. It was a nice break to just sit at home with the windows open, cool wind blowing through the apartment. We're talking about going out for dinner so we get out of the apartment today, and I may even have to put jeans on (instead of my normal shorts, which I wear until the last possible second of the fall).

Here is a video of Loren with her new walker. It is very short. Try to ignore the messy pile of books and stuff. It was before we straightened up.



JamesF said...

Cute video, she's really cruising. To be honest it doesn't look like she even needs to the walker.

Rachel said...

It sure doesn't look like she needs "speed control!";)