Friday, August 04, 2006

Stardate 60592.41 - Ma-Maw Goes Home

My Grandmother was released from the hospital today (she is on the far right in the picture above), and my Mom drove her back to Richmond after a stop here for lunch. We're pressing on with our family event tomorrow - "Thanksgiving in the Summer". It started out as "Thanksgiving in July" but as this one is in August it can't really have the same name.

We decided last year that Thanksgiving is too cold, that the roads are too crowded, and that people hate traveling. So we decided to move our family's Thanksgiving celebration to the summer when the weather is nice, the roads are not too bad, and people don't mind to travel. Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving, complete with all the normal Thanksgiving food and trimmings. Additionally, the event moves each year and is in Richmond at my Mom's brother's place with his family hosting this year. Some relatives are staying with my Grandmother, so she wanted to get back home to get ready. My Mom went to make sure that my Grandmother takes it easy by doing the prep work herself. Some relatives are already arriving today, but most of us will drive up Saturday morning.

During lunch I realized I didn't have a picture of Aidan with Loren so I quickly snapped one of them playing together.

Today was an exciting day. Loren took a 2.5 hour nap in the morning so we got some reading and relaxing done. Then we went to Walmart for diapers and food and toys for Loren (we realized, seeing her play with excitement with toys at Trent's and at my Mom's that all her toys at home are older and she hasn't had anything new in some time). I went through a car wash, guaranteeing that it will rain later today.

Verona, VA

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