Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stardate 60616.91 - Dream a Little Dream

It is nice to have a goal – a dream to fulfill. I’ve always been interested in sailing ever since I first went out on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire as a child on my Aunt and Uncle’s boat. I was hooked at that point, but living inland in Virginia I did not have much opportunity to pursue this interest.

Later as an adult, I had to opportunity to sail near Seattle on a boat owned by a couple who were friends with my Mom. Additionally, my wife’s aunt owns a Beneteau First 310 and we’ve sailed with her in the San Francisco Bay (where she used to keep it) and in Monterey Bay (where she has it now).

When the Manhattan Sailing School sent us a direct mailer for their class, I was very intrigued. Cheryl saw that I was interested and suggested that as a combination Father’s Day/Birthday present I should take the basic keelboat course, so I signed up. I enjoyed the class and the people I met so I went ahead and joined the Manhattan Sailing Club, which means I can go out as a crew member when a skipper member takes a boat out (the club has a fleet of J/24s).

But the dream, of course, is to own my own boat. I’ve heard all the negative comments from people about how much the maintenance is and everything, but shouldn’t dreams be a little unrealistic? Lots of people spend money on lots of silly things (for example, some people buy a $5 beverage at Starbucks every workday, and that’s about $1,250 per year – more than the sailing club costs for a year).

So I’ve been looking over sailboats new and used on the Internet, and while a used boat is probably much more likely (have to move out of Manhattan first as it is too expensive to keep anything docked here), I’d love to be able to purchase a new boat.

And I think I’ve found one I like.

My decision is based purely on reading some reviews and lots of looking at pictures on the Internet, but I’ve been drawn to the Hunter line of boats.

And since my dream has to be somewhat realistic, I’m particularly drawn to the Hunter 33.

The Hunter 33 has enough room for two couples to cruise overnight with a few children very comfortably. It has some nice features like boom and traveler placement. And it is pretty cool looking on the inside.

So there you go – a goal of mine is to one day own my own boat. And if I am going to dream big but still attainable, then the Hunter 33 is that boat.

Of course, I may completely change my mind whenever I really start to look at them and actually get on some different ones! But for now…

Hunter 33.

P.S. I'm going to be in Eatontown, NJ for the week, working on a proposal. So I may get very few posts up while I am gone. And I'm staying with my in-laws so I cannot post complaints about the accomodations on this trip! ;-)



-s said...

It doesn't matter, because James F has a bigger noodle.

Buddy said...

I think that is an awesome dream! For two years I lived oceanside on South Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce, FL. I was just down the street from the inlet that was heavy with boat traffic two and from the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River Lagoon.

I loved the days with good wind when all the sailors would be out. It was also really cool to walk around the docks in the winter and see where all the boats were from that were owned by people with similar aspirations as you.

Always neat folks to...never met anybody who owned a boat who didn't have great stories to tell.

Some of the neatest tales came from those aboard passagemakers (?is that the right name for a craft capable of going across the ocean?)...a lot of folks from England overwintered in Fort Pierce.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

-s - While your noodle comment is funny, it doesn't really apply to this post. Were you just looking for an opportunity to slip that one in? ;-)

buddy - I just wish I had taken advantage of the class and club when I first moved to NYC!!

-s said...

Yes. James F's noodle is the destroyer of dreams

BullBunky said...

I think dreams SHOULD be grand and inspiring and just a bit out of reach. I'm all for it, Curt.

Now please, lets stop all this talk of dreams and James' noodle in the same entry.

-r said...

I hope you all realize (I know you realize this Curt) that -s's comment about James F's noodle is all in fun, and anyway, who cares where the comment is located?

JamesF said...

That's twice now that -s's comments have made me actually laugh out loud while at work.

And if you're curious about the first one, it was where he accused Curt of posting anonymously about how wonderful his blog is, that was simply classic. Wish I had thought of it.

Oh yea, mandatory "on topic" comment below:
Have you considered doing some type of time share thing on a boat Curt (if they even have such a thing)? Might make reaching the dream feasible a little sooner I would think.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

They do have fractional clubs where you pay a seasonal fee and have a certain number of reservations per season and the ability to just take the boat out on a whim if the schedule is clear. It runs $5-8k per season, depending on a bunch of things.

I've been thinking about that, too.

-s said...

Thanks James :)

I have posted anonymously on my own blog, that's how I know about such things. In my defense, I didn't do it just so I could have a conversation with someone who always agrees with me.

If you need some good justification, just remember that you only have one car. The boat is like your second car, just more fun.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Actually, I recently spoke with Cheryl's aunt Janice (who owns her own boat) and she is not a fan of the Hunter line. So I may have to pick another one to fall in love with.

As I said, I haven't test driven any of these, and I'm years away from actually buying anything, but it is fun to dream.