Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stardate 60660.58 - Question of the Week

Anyone know of a good way to get fingerprint dust off of a coffee table?

Yes, that question appeared in an e-mail chain I've been part of all day today. Someone (not us, and I won't reveal the identity unless he/she self-reveals in the comments), had their place broken into last night. Apparently the thieves didn't have a taste for Science Fiction/Fantasy because the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings DVDs were the only ones not taken. They also took a Nintendo Gamecube and jewelry box.

Have I mentioned that in my world thieves are executed? Along with people who spit gum on the sidewalk and don't clean up their dog's crap from the sidewalk. There are a lot fewer people around in my world and things are a lot more orderly. :-)



-r said...

Try Goo Gone. While the product info doesn't specifically mention fingerprinting dust, it does remove sticky greasy stuff. Anyway, it's worth a shot and is not expensive. You can get it at most larger grocers or hardware stores.

-s said...

Lend to a congressman with an eager intern.

-r said...

-s, enough bodily fluid talk for one day!!!;)

JamesF said...

Oh the humanity! They took the Gamecube?!? I would be devestated. I was practically broken when my memory card for the gamecube died and I lost all my saves. I can't even imagine losing the console too.

-s said...

Apparently your world is Singapore.

OK, no more bodily fluid talk today.