Saturday, August 26, 2006

Stardate 60653.12 - Weekend Part Two

We arrived at Denise and Greg's place Friday afternoon, about 10 minutes before Denise got home with Alison (their daughter). They live where the green arrow is pointing in the picture - it looks like the middle of nowhere but there are some nice little villages and towns near them (and lots of good hiking!).

We caught up with Denise and swapped stories and discussed the weather and its impact on our plans to hike on Saturday. Her husband Greg was driving up from DC that night (left sometime after 7 PM and got to their house around 1 AM - yuck!) and we decided to play it by ear.

Saturday morning arrived rainy and cold (not really cold-cold, but damp-cold). Since we really had not packed for rain hiking, we decided to spend the day shopping instead. We purchased Loren two things - a doll-baby stroller to push around, and one of those activity walker toys that she can use to walk around the house. This version, unlike the one she loved at Trent and Jenny's place, has a "speed control" on the front wheels. So far she has only crashed once with it.

We also discovered that we need to purchase her a large, stuffed animal. Denise and Greg had a large turtle on the floor and Loren fell in love with the thing and kept climbing on it and hugging it. I think Cheryl has been looking at different ones on-line this evening. Loren also had a great time playing with Alison, and loved playing with all the new and interesting toys - like the Elmo cell phone she has in her hands in the picture!

After shopping we returned to Denise and Greg's place to pack up and then we drove back home. Traffic was not bad at all and Loren slept the entire way back.

It was nice to completely have Friday off (I didn't work at all), and it has made today seem like Sunday so tomorrow will be like a bonus day off! I think the rain might hold until the afternoon, and the temperatures are cool (68 degrees F right now) so it may be a nice day to get out into the city for a while.

To Be Continued...



cheryl said...

No, actually I was looking for a baby-sized chair, since she's been sitting in/on anything around the house that remotely resembles a seat. There must be a happy medium between the furry armchair-like monstrosities we saw at ToysRUs today (blue Cinderella, bright yellow Elmo, etc) and the $99 critter chairs from Pottery Barn Kids (which at least I could stand to see in my living room -- but $100 for a kiddie chair??). Any suggestions from our loyal readers? BTW this was my first time in a ToysRUs in my adult life. It really is hell on earth.

Ginger said...

On the chair, I agree with you! We found ours at BabiesRUs, and they were reasonably priced and not too tacky. I have no idea if they still have them there, since it has been a while since we purchased them. We have a denim one and a plaid one. Both have lasted for several years, and are still used for "reading."

Rachel said...

Ummmmm...I'd like to see a photo of the push toy with "speed control." As for kid's chairs, we have a wooden kid sized rocker (which was mine when I was little) and two kid sized folding chairs. My kiddos and all the kiddos at our playgroups love them. We are also getting two more kid sized wooden chairs with a wooden table. All the kiddos I know have some kind of chair/chairs like we have. You can buy the wooden ones at BabiesRUs, unfinished furniture places and many places online. I've also seen kid sized molded plastic chairs (kid sized version of the adult sized outdoor molded plastic chairs--the ones that are about $10) for only a few dollars.